The GREMM is first and foremost a team of researchers, biologists, technicians, naturalists and other passionate individuals committed to research and education for the sake of conservation. A number of individuals have been with the GREMM from the outset.

Robert Michaud

Scientific Director / President

    Patrice Corbeil

    Director of Education / Vice-President

      Janie Giard

      Scientific Supervisor / Marine Mammal Emergencies

        Michel Moisan

        Lead Technician / Research Team

          Marie-Ève Muller


            Anthony François

            Marine Mammals Emergencies

              Méduline Chailloux

              Marine Mammals Emergencies

                Mathieu Marzelière

                Research team

                  Laurence Tremblay

                  Research team

                    Laure Marandet

                    Education team

                      Michel Martin

                      CIMM Team

                        Robert Boudreau-Welsch


                          Timothée Perrero

                          Research Team

                            Isabelle Perron


                              Lise Gagnon

                              CIMM Team

                                Nathalie Ouellet

                                Boutique Team

                                  Mélissa Tremblay

                                  Marine Mammals Emergencies

                                    Marie-Hélène d’Arcy

                                    Research Team

                                      Gabriel Dufour

                                      CIMM Team

                                        Every summer we are joined by a motivated team of young professionals and students.