The GREMM is first and foremost a team of researchers, biologists, technicians, naturalists and other passionate individuals committed to research and education for the sake of conservation. A number of individuals have been with the GREMM from the outset.

Robert Michaud

Scientific Director / President

    Patrice Corbeil

    Director of Education / Vice-President

      Janie Giard

      Scientific Supervisor / Marine Mammal Emergencies

        Michel Moisan

        Lead Technician / Research Team

          Marie-Ève Muller


            Anthony François

            Marine Mammals Emergencies

              Sophie Bédard


                Lise Gagnon

                CIMM Team

                  Camille Proust

                  Director of educational project

                    Patrick Noel

                    Boutique manager

                      Michel Martin

                      CIMM Team

                        Méduline Chailloux

                        Marine Mammals Emergencies

                          Timothée Perrero

                          Research Team

                            Mélanie Bourque

                            Chief Naturalist

                              Isabelle Perron

                                Nicole Savard

                                Boutique Team

                                  Nathalie Ouellet

                                  Boutique Team

                                    Mélissa Tremblay

                                    Marine Mammals Emergencies

                                      Marie-Hélène d’Arcy

                                      Research Team

                                        Gabriel Dufour

                                        CIMM Team

                                          Claudine Therrien

                                          Boutique Team

                                            Every summer we are joined by a motivated team of young professionals and students.