Thanks for the 2018 season!

The snow falls gently on Tadoussac. That’s it, it’s time to conclude our 2018 summer season.

Our Centre of Interpretation on Marine Mammals in Tadoussac closed for the winter on November 2. Once again this year, we welcomed more than 30,000 visitors who were able to dive into the fascinating world of marine mammals. A success!

The research boats, the BpJAM and the Bleuvet, have also been taken out of the water in the past few weeks, and the temporary tower at Baie Sainte-Marguerite has been dismantled. During the winter, we will start analyzing the thousands of data collected. How many individuals will enter the photo-identification catalogues? What new pages will we add to the individual whale stories?

On our virtual magazine Whales Online.org, follow the progress of our work, discover what other teams are doing and let yourself be inspired by whale stories.

Thank you to everyone who came to visit us! Thank you also to the naturalists, store attendants, receptionists, maintenance team, trainees, research assistants and volunteers for your involvement!